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KIC�s Brian O�Leary to Present During Thermal Profiling Session

Oct 09, 2007

San Diego � October 9, 2007 � KIC, the leader of thermal process development and control products, and winner of multiple industry awards, announces that Brian O�Leary, North American sales manager, will present on Friday, October 19, 2007 during the half-day session �Data Intelligence: Smart Automation of Thermal Profiling,� co-sponsored by Comtree Inc. and KIC.

The Friday session will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada and will begin at 11:30 a.m. This complimentary learning session will include lunch and will focus on providing updated information about automated thermal profiling and the role it plays in today�s industry.

Brian will discuss KIC�s product line, with an emphasis on Vision and 24/7. KIC Vision is a low-cost, easy-to-use profiling system that is designed to eliminate the manual tasks associated with periodic profiling of reflow ovens. Priced comparative to a manual profiler, KIC Vision provides the best of both worlds � it runs in the background continuously and automatically, and it provides sought-after profiles as frequently as once an hour. KIC�s 24/7 Process Monitoring brings an innovative level of automation to the thermal process: Automatic profiling of each and every product, around-the-clock monitoring, SPC charting, analysis, documentation and production traceability � all in a single, intuitive product. Continuous tracking occurs in the background, never interrupting production.

Comtree, the co-sponsor of the thermal profiling session, is KIC�s distributor in Canada. The company is a leading electronics manufacturer�s agent company representing a wide array of world-class assembly machines, test, programming, verification and diagnostic equipment.

About KIC

Based in San Diego, KIC is the industry leader in automated thermal management tools and systems for reflow, wave, cure and semiconductor thermal processes. The company pioneered the development of oven profilers and process development tools, and then worked to create the next generation of thermal systems to help manufacturers optimize and monitor thermal processes.

In addition to SlimKIC 2000-LF, products include standard SlimKIC 2000, the KIC 24/7 continuous monitoring system and more. With the introduction of cutting edge tools, the company continues to stay on the leading edge of process optimization and real-time thermal management systems, and has won numerous industry awards.

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