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AWACS Implementation of DiagnoSYS Test SystemYields $12m in Cost Avoidance

Jul 05, 2007

Tim Webb - DiagnoSYS, Dennis Robuchaud - AWACS, Tom Popolo - DiagnoSYS

Tim Webb - DiagnoSYS, Dennis Robuchaud - AWACS, Tom Popolo - DiagnoSYS

The line between value and priceless came together as AWACS' Support Equipment Program Manager, Dennis Robichaud recognized Diagnosys as a valued partner in a cost-avoidance program that has exceeded $12 million over the past few years. Implementing the Diagnosys' PinPoint II test system has succeeded beyond initial estimates of cost avoidance and time requirements to re-host test program sets (TPS) from dedicated legacy systems.

AWACS used the PinPoint II to help with dedicated legacy automated test systems where current repair technology has been identified as 'at risk' for mission critical boards. Some legacy test systems themselves are considered at risk and unsupportable as manufacturing sources are diminished. In most cases, test programs from the legacy test systems can be re-hosted on the PinPoint II platform in a matter of weeks, not years.

"We are happy that the AWACS program placed such a high value on our contribution to avoiding costs at such a high level," said Tim Webb, President, Diagnosys, "But giving AWACS the ability to have highly valued equipment more effectively back in service faster is priceless, and that makes our role gratifying."

"The fact that the PinPoint has been able to generate such a large cost avoidance for AWACS exceeded everyone's expectations," said Tom Popolo, Director of Military Accounts Diagnosys. "You recognize the savings on a case by case basis but you don't realize the enormity until you see it from the program level. We know that additional cost avoidance can be realized by this program and most any other mission critical programs in the future. We tell our potential customers that if they try it they'll like it and AWACS obviously likes it."

About the PinPoint II

The PinPoint II provides an economical and complete diagnostic and test solution for in-circuit functional tests of analog and digital components, VI analysis, boundary scan, PXI Integration and schematic reverse engineering, all on the same test platform. Testing can be done using chip level interface test adapters, probes, edge connectors or fixtures to extend the systems capability. Test programs are developed with TestVue 32, PinPoint II's intuitive, Windows®-based software uses clear menus and interactive graphics to guide users through each stage of test strategy, automatically generating on-screen prompts to get the job done right, without delays.

TestVue 32 comes complete with a built-in library of more than 16,000 devices, including military components, which are constantly updated and accessible via the Internet. Users can add their own devices to the database or use the optional Data Capture Pod, which captures live data in-circuit while the device is in use.

The PinPoint II's advanced reverse engineering feature allows users to generate schematics and net lists for obsolete boards or when documentation is unavailable.

Diagnosys is the world’s leading company specializing in complete solutions for the support and maintenance of high value electronic Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and modules. Having over 40 years’ dedicated experience for the test, repair and maintenance of electronic circuits means that we understand the challenges faced by our customers and have developed a full range of products and services to overcome them. Headquartered in the Republic of Ireland and with offices in the UK, USA, India, France and Germany, Diagnosys supports customers across many industry sectors around the world including industrial, defense, and mass transit. Products are sold and supported through offices and an extensive global network of sales partners.

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