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Dynatech Technology Adds Samsung Screen Printer SMP300 to Turnkey SMT Line

Jun 11, 2007

Samsung SMP300 Screen Printer combines automatic and economical printing with a suite of standard features and options to fit a wide variety of production needs.

Samsung SMP300 Screen Printer combines automatic and economical printing with a suite of standard features and options to fit a wide variety of production needs.

Building on the successful SM Series of fast, flexible placement systems, Dynatech Technology has added the Samsung Screen Printer SMP300 system - used by Samsung worldwide to assembly consumer and industrial products - to expand its turnkey SMT capability for North American assemblers. The complete manufacturing line includes the Samsung SMP300, Samsung SM Series and CP Series component placement system, Samsung RF30 Series Reflow Soldering Systems and associated Samsung board handling systems. All are available with single-source support from Dynatech Technology.

The world-class Samsung SMP300 combines automatic and economical printing with a suite of standard features and options to fit a wide variety of production needs. Features include a Windows-based operator interface that can cut new board-building programming time to 10 minutes on average.

"With the SMP300, Dynatech brings a comprehensive line of Samsung's field-tested features to the North American market to increase print quality and precise PCB alignment," said Mike Foster, General Manager, Dynatech Technology. "The highly durable design lets manufacturers follow a low-maintenance schedule, while the Windows XP-based software gives operators and manufacturing engineers a familiar interface. Standard features include fully programmable 2D post-print inspection and wet/dry under-stencil wiping system designed to increase productivity."

The SMP300 builds on the success of the SP400V2 and SP450 printers delivered by Samsung to world-class SMT manufacturing facilities globally

Superior Board Handling

Bare boards enter the SMP300 on the first stage of the three-stage conveyor system while waiting for the PCB in the production area - the second stage - to be printed. Once printing is completed, the printed board exits to the third conveyor stage, where it waits for the go ahead signal before proceeding to the next step of production. In the meantime, the board in the first stage can begin its production phase. Designed to increase throughput, the SMP300 includes standard extended input and output conveyors, eliminating the need for additional buffer units between the PCB supply unit and upstream system.

Patented Alignment and Clamping System

Once the PCB reaches the print position, a patented clamping process ensures that the board is in the proper plane for quality printing. A combination of top and side clamping keeps the top of the board at the correct printing height while preventing image shift during the printing process.

Fiducial Recognition and Alignment

Once the board is on the production stage, two CCD cameras allow operators to view and teach fiducials used to align the board to the stencil. An automatic recognition system identifies the fiducials onscreen, allowing operators to adjust the minimum match required to continue production. After the fiducials are identified, the multi-axis, servo-motor-controlled stage aligns the PCB to the stencil within 0.025mm preparing for the print cycle.

Closed Loop Printing

After the board moves to the printing position, the closed-loop, pneumatically controlled print head ensures that the proper down pressure is consistent throughout the printing process. Advanced separation control takes over once the print stroke is completed, providing vertical separation control of the board from the stencil to ensure the paste releases from the stencil.

SM Series Software Platform

Application software for the SMP300 extends the GUI developed for the SM series placement system to the SMP300. SM Series operator control software provides a consistent look and feel across all the SM Series platforms, displaying familiar icons, menu structures and operation sequences

2D Post Print Inspection

Post print inspection of each board is based on a Cognex vision system to ensure the utmost clarity of image recognition. The 2D Inspection system verifies paste deposition quality, aperture blockage and smear. As a programmable tool, 2D inspection is triggered automatically on demand as required by process control requirements.

Patented Advanced Separation Control (ASC)

The SMP300 includes four user-definable separation profiles to ensure that paste stays on the board, not the stencil. Two of the profiles are designed as global parameters that can be shared by other printing recipes. Each profile can be configured with six different separation profiles tailored to the specific process needs of stencil designs, paste selection and board geometries.

Automatic Stencil Cleaning

Selective use of wet or dry cleaning or a combination of both methods extends the value of the SMP300 for non-stop production process operation. The frequency and type of cleaning becomes an integral part of each board recipe for worry-free operation. Four distinct types of cleaning operations, each with a complete set of programmable parameters, and built into a selectable matrix allow the operator to define how and when each style of cleaning action is used. An operator or line supervisor can also manually initiate a cleaning cycle throughout the day as needed.

The SMP300 handles boards from 50mm x 50mm up to 610mm x 510mm and is capable of reliably printing fine lines for 01005 pads.

Dynatech Technology, based in Horsham, PA, was formed by Dynatech International as the exclusive North American distributor for the sales and service of Samsung Techwin SMT equipment. As the North American distributor, Dynatech Technology provides 24/7 service with a guaranteed 30-minute call-back time, continuing a 25-year tradition begun by Dynatech International, its parent company, in military and commercial aerospace servicing.

Dynatech International, Edgewood, NY, in business for more than 25-years, is an established ISO-9001 distributor of Samsung Aerospace spare parts and logistics. Dynatech International's subsidiary companies are Dynatech Turbine Services, Dynatech Engineering and Dynatech Technology.

Since entering the aircraft engine and film camera businesses in 1977, Samsung Techwin, has been a driving force in the development of Korea's precision machinery industry. Over the years, the company has expanded its business scope to include semiconductor equipment & components, turbo compressors and self-propelled howitzer businesses. The company is heavily involved in state-of-the-art consumer and professional products, such as digital cameras and video information devices.

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