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  • MYDATA introduces the Agilis Stick Magazine - A new movement in SMT

MYDATA introduces the Agilis Stick Magazine - A new movement in SMT

May 29, 2007

Stockholm, Sweden. (May 25, 2007). MYDATA, maker of the award-winning Agilis system, now introduces the Agilis Stick Magazine, ASM. By adapting the proven Agilis design to work in a stick magazine, high-mix SMT manufacturers can boost productivity to levels that simply isn�t possible with traditional stick feeders.

With a revolutionary stick feeding technology, the Agilis Stick Magazine provides a unique combination of accuracy, speed and flexibility that can increase both the variety and quantity of components placed on an individual production run, as well as throughout the day.

Unlike vibratory stick feeders that erratically shake up and down or side-to-side, the ASM utilizes a precision linear drive and servo-controlled horizontal motion to accurately and quickly feed up to 50mm long components in up to 28mm high sticks. To do so, the ASM smoothly moves the stick forward and immediately pulls straight back to advance components through the stick and into the pick-up position. The result is that feeding can now be accomplished with a much higher degree of reliability and efficiency.

According to MYDATA CEO Bengt Broman, the benefits the Agilis Stick Magazine has for high-mix SMT manufacturers directly translates into greater productivity and profit potential. "The ASM is on the forefront of a new movement in SMT manufacturing. The flexibility and intelligence of the system offer tremendous savings. The ASM allows manufacturers to handle a much wider variety of orders from customers, without creating bottlenecks as production switches from one job to another. What's more, there�s no need to keep an expensive inventory of component specific feeders. That can really reduce costs. And the time savings add up quickly as well."

That's because the time needed for changeovers and setups has been greatly reduced. No matter which pallet is loaded into the ASM, or which type of component is scheduled for placement, no manual feeding settings are required. The system automatically locates the pallet and pickup position.

Key benefits that the ASM has to offer include:

  • Increased accuracy and reliability

  • Setups and changeovers in no time

  • Extremely wide component range

  • One magazine handles it all

  • Removable stick pallets with ID and barcode

  • No manual settings required

Broman concludes that the introduction of the ASM will further strengthen MYDATA's reputation in the SMT industry. "By continuing to provide solutions that give manufacturers the true flexibility necessary to succeed in today's increasingly competitive market, innovations such as the ASM are proof of our dedication to our customers� future."

For more information, contact:

Fredrik Moberg MYDATA automation

MYDATA automation designs, manufactures and markets SMT process equipment for the electronics industry. Its mission is to be always innovating � in order to satisfy the electronic industry�s need for surface mount technology and services that meet the highest demands in terms of productivity and quality.

Based on a modular hardware and software design, MYDATA equipment has been developed for flexibility and high-yield production over time. By focusing on faster changeovers and setups, and on achieving the lowest possible cost per mounted component, MYDATA has built a strong customer base and long-term relationships with customers in countries throughout the world.

Sweden-based MYDATA has a worldwide sales and customer support network with subsidiaries in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Japan, China and Singapore.

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