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Indium Corporation Adds Surcharge on Silver- and Tin- containing Solder Paste Products

Apr 03, 2007

Indium Corporation is announcing a surcharge on its silver- and tin-containing solder paste products, effective immediately.

Since January of 2006 tin has increased from approximately US$3.36/lb to $6.25/lb and silver has increased from $133/lb to $203/lb. More specifically, during the same time period the metal cost for Pb-Free SAC 387 solder alloy moved from approximately $8.27/lb to $13.68/lb, a 65% increase. At this writing these metal costs have been increasing steadily for the past year and future indicators show that these elevated prices will prevail for the remainder of 2007.

The surcharges will be based upon the difference between current metal costs and those from January 2006. Indium's intention is to eliminate the surcharge when prices return to January 2006 levels.

According to Indium's Solder Paste Product manager, Ray Altieri, "Our global customer base continues to demand increasing levels of support in the form of on-site service, inventory management, materials development, process design, and development. It is our intent to continue delivering premium products and services, and increased performance and profits for our customer's bottom line as we grow with our markets. This surcharge will be invested in the further enhancement of the premium products and services that we have come to be valued for."

Indium Corporation is a four-time Frost & Sullivan Award-winning supplier of electronics assembly and semiconductor packaging materials, including solder pastes, solder preforms, fluxes, Pb-Free solder alloys, underfill materials, die-attach materials, and more. The company is also the world's premiere supplier of commercial grade and high-purity indium. Factories are located in the USA, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and China. Founded in 1934, the company is ISO 9001 registered.

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