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Manncorp unveils new website showcasing PCB assembly equipment & instant quote capability

Mar 14, 2007

Manncorp, a North American surface mount assembly equipment supplier whose sales originate primarily from online inquiries, announces the launch of its new web site at

The new site is more comprehensive while offering many user-friendly features, including immediate search capability, flash demonstrations, easier access to featured equipment and real-time quotations on all products.

According to CEO Henry Mann, the web site boasts Google-like simplified search technology to easily locate specific equipment. Product overviews, as well as detailed technical data are also obtainable from the visually stimulating homepage, which also accesses Manncorp's exclusive Internet-only "Insta-Quote" section enabling interested buyers to obtain immediate, customizable quotes at no obligation. Web-discounted pricing is available for both off-the-shelf products as well as specialty equipment, such as pick and place systems, reflow ovens and wave solder machines, calling for the user's choice of options and upgrades. If a customer needs in-person assistance, he can easily obtain it via e-mail or by calling Manncorp technical support toll-free at 1-800-PIK-MANN.

Mann relates that this business model streamlines the marketing and sales process. "It allows us to work on smaller margins, so customers can benefit from lower prices." He cites instances where equipment costing well into the six figures, was sold without face-to-face contact - that is, not until Manncorp service technicians provided the on-site installation and training.

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