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Feb 23, 2007

February 7, 2007. Alpharetta, GA. SIPAD Systems Inc. announced today that it has been named a Northrop Grumman Supplier, continuing its growth serving the military and space industries. SIPAD Systems Inc. has been assigned a Northop Grummann supplier number and is supplying SIPAD ssd coating services to the Oceanic Division located in Annapolis MD.

According to president and founder Matt Kehoe, 2006 was a strong year for SIPAD Systems Inc. with "an impressive growth rate of 108% over 2005." Kehoe explained: "interest in the SIPAD solid solder deposit process is growing in many areas and the military and space industry seem to be taking particular notice."

In 2006 SIPAD Systems supplied solder coating services to the Kennedy Space Center, Titusville FL., Marshal Space Flight Center, Huntsville AL., Goddard Space Flight Center, Bethesda MD., as well as supplying coating services to multiple part numbers used in the Sensor Fused Weapon (SFW) for Textron Systems in Wilmington MA. In 2006 Vertex RSI, a division of General Dynamics, re-designed the majority of their printed circuits to accommodate the SIPAD ssd process. Kehoe explained that by changing to SIPAD ssd, productivity increased by >300% over their traditional assembly methods.

SIPAD solid solder deposit technology is a Siemens patented process that pre-applies solid solder to the surface mount pads on complex printed circuits. SIPAD Systems Inc. began operations in 2001 and is the first and only dedicated solder coating service bureau in the world, supplying solder coating services to OEM's, CEM's and printed circuit suppliers.

Matt Kehoe

SIPAD Systems Inc.

The "Original Solid Solder Deposit"

360-C Winkler Drive

Alpharetta, GA. 30004


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