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The new HYDRA Speedmount 21k ER - a definite throughput booster

Apr 06, 2005

Extending the range (ER) of the HYDRA significantly improves the machine throughput, since the new mounthead option facilitates multi-picking of a broader range of components.

The HYDRA Speedmount 21k ER utilizes the Linescan vision system for on�the-fly vision centering of the smallest chips up to complex mid-sized components. The mounthead is compatible with a wide range of tools as well as the automatic tool exchanger (ATE). Two new tools have been specially developed for the HYDRA 21k ER: the new H05 tool for the biggest components; and the H06 tool for ultra small chips. To achieve maximum performance, the machine software (TPSys) optimizes the operation of the HYDRA at all times, including pick-up sequences and tool changes.

For further details, please see or contact your local MYDATA representative.

MYDATA automation designs, manufactures and markets SMT process equipment for the electronics industry. Its business mission is to be continually innovating�in order to satisfy the electronic industry�s need for surface mount technology and services that meet the highest demand for productivity and quality.

Based on a modular hardware and software design, MYDATA equipment is developed for flexibility and high-yield production over time. By focusing on faster changeovers and setups, & on achieving the lowest possible cost per mounted component, MYDATA has built a strong customer base with long-term relationships in countries throughout the world.

Sweden-based MYDATA has a worldwide sales and customer support network with subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, the United States, Japan, China and Singapore.

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The new HYDRA Speedmount 21k ER - a definite throughput booster

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