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PROMATION Introduces Multi-Functional Magazine Handling Station

Jan 30, 2005

EMB-700 Multi-Functional System

EMB-700 Multi-Functional System

KENOSHA, WI � January 27, 2005 � PROMATION Inc. specializing in PCB handling solutions and in-line automated solutions has just released a new version of its versatile Multi-functional Magazine Handling System.

The EMB-700 has been designed to create an in-line PCB handling solution that offers highly flexibility production flexibility, but is priced thousands less than more competing models.

PROMATION�s �One Touch Button� system allows this station to be programmed for: Line Unloading, Line Loading, Magazine Rack Buffer (LIFO or FIFO modes) or simply act as a Pass-Through Conveyor.

Equipped with PLC, single magazine rack storage system, sliding exit platform, audible alarm, ESD grounding receptacle, full safety panels, and our Easy Roll wheels with leveling feet, this system has been designed for Plug and Play capability. Simply roll the EMB to the line, level (for installation), programmed to the desired functionality, and begin running production.

PROMATION�s EMB technology makes sense, allowing for total flexibility in an ever changing manufacturing environment.

For more information about the EMB system, or any of PROMATION�s other great PCB handling products, please contact your local sales representative or PROMATION directly at:



(262) 942-4177 MAIN

(262) 942-0101 FAX



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