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Teradyne Introduces Design Guidelines For High-Performance Circuits (HPC)

Oct 27, 2004

Nashua, NH � June 15, 2004 � Teradyne, Inc. (NYSE: TER) Connection Systems Division (TCS), the industry leader in high-performance printed circuit boards, high-density connectors and integrated backplane systems, today announced the availability of its Design Guidelines for High Performance Circuits. The document covers product design rules, manufacturing capabilities, design for manufacturing (DFM), design for assembly (DFA) and design for test (DFT) and is available upon request from the company�s website at

The new HPC guidelines provide design criteria that will promote high levels of reliability while helping to lower costs and cycle time for printed circuit boards fabricated at Teradyne and complements the previously published Backplane Assembly DFM Guidelines. This extensive support is part of the TCS�s high-performance connection systems suite of design tools and supplements the face-to-face design work performed by the company�s Field Applications Engineers.

�Increasing signal speeds make the circuit board a critical element in the design path to achieve higher levels of system performance. Early planning is essential in the concept phase to define the optimal design,� says Bob McGrath, Teradyne HPC Applications Engineer. �Providing design guidelines up front is just one way we can help our customers produce the best design on the first pass and, as a result, save time and money building prototypes.�

Teradyne offers engineering assistance from early design phase through production ramp to optimize cost, performance and time to market. The company provides high-speed signal simulation and characterization, impedance modeling, system design and HPC layout assistance.

Teradyne�s printed circuit technology and fabrication capabilities include: a wide variety of materials to enable increasing signal speeds, deep microvias, buried, blind and backdrilled vias, sequential lamination, panel sizes from 16" x 18" up to 24" x 54", layer counts 6 to 60+ and board thicknesses up to .440". Teradyne�s printed circuit fabrication facility is MIL-PRF-31032/1A, /2, MIL-P-55110 and ITAR certified.

To request a copy of Teradyne�s Design Guidelines for High Performance Circuits, visit

About Teradyne Connection Systems

Teradyne Connection Systems (TCS), a division of Teradyne, Inc., is the leader in high-performance connection systems, designing and manufacturing backplane systems, printed circuit boards and the industry's leading high-speed, high-density connectors. TCS helps OEMs solve system design challenges with integrated interconnect solutions for application in the networking, communications, storage, computer server, and medical equipment markets. For more information visit

About Teradyne, Inc.

Teradyne (NYSE:TER) is a leading supplier of Automatic Test Equipment and interconnection systems. The company's products deliver competitive advantage to the world's leading semiconductor, electronics, automotive and network systems companies. In 2003, Teradyne had sales of $ 1.4 billion, and currently employs about 6100 people worldwide. For more information, visit Teradyne is a trademark of Teradyne, Inc. in the US and other countries.

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