Sep 23, 2004

SMT Panel Fastener

SMT Panel Fastener

New PEM� ReelFast� SMT surface mount panel fasteners are designed to be mounted on printed circuit boards in the same manner and at the same time as other surface mount components utilizing standard automated surface mount techniques.

Among their production and cost advantages, ReelFast SMT panel fasteners can reduce the risk of damage to boards (and resulting scrap) that can occur when improperly installing fasteners with required and cumbersome external equipment; reduce the handling of loose parts to deliver labor savings; and speed assembly by eliminating secondary operations.

These hybrid metal/plastic panel fasteners feature a steel retainer and separate metal Phillips drive screw, which is captivated in an ABS cap. The assemblies are mounted by simply snapping screw into soldered retainer. A spring action of the cap�s plastic �fingers� holds the screw in retracted position. When tightened, the plastic cap completely covers the retainer.

ReelFast SMT panel fasteners are available in two screw lengths and in thread sizes #4-40 and #6-32 and M3 and M3.5. Retainers are packaged on tape-and-reel for user convenience (each reel holding 465 retainers) and screws are packaged in bags. (Retainers and screws are sold separately.) Black caps are standard and optional molded-thru cap colors are available for color-coding.

Contact Jay McKenna at PennEngineering� Fastening Technologies, 5190 Old Easton Road, Danboro, PA 18916-1000. Phones: 800-237-4736 (toll-free in the U.S.) or 215-766-8853; Fax: 215-766-0143. Web site:

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