8800 FC Quantum from Datacon

Jun 01, 2004

Trevose, Pennsylvania, June 1, 2004 � Datacon Technology AG, the semiconductor equipment expert specializing in advanced packaging, is exhibiting its new 8800 FC Quantum dual-head flip chip bonder, specially designed for high-volume flip chip applications, for the first time in North America, July 14-16 at Semicon West in San Jose, booth 11919. With its parallel processing, this high speed machine can process up to 10,000 units per hour without affecting process times. This equates to twice the throughput with the same high precision of 10�m at 3 Sigma. The 8880 FC Quantum is equally well-suited to the complete spectrum of flip chip adhesive technologies and bump techniques. As with all equipment from Datacon, the 8800 FC Quantum is designed to accommodate future technologies.

Helmut Rutterschmidt, president and director of the board at Datacon Technology AG, can be proud of his team: �Many of our customers were waiting almost greedily for our dual-head bonder. The unique combination of precision, high speed and unchanged stable process times � all in the one compact machine � makes the 8800 FC Quantum the ideal core of a high volume flip chip production line. Nine years after our 2200 apm platform revolutionized the advanced packaging market, we are expecting similar things in the flip chip market from our completely newly designed 8800 FC platform.� And of the supply situation Rutterschmidt says: �Thanks to our timely investments, which we also continued in difficult times, we can now deliver without delay. For our customers this means that Datacon can not only show you the leading equipment in the industry but can also deliver it with short lead times.�

About Datacon

Datacon Semiconductor Equipment GmbH was founded in 1986 in Radfeld, Austria, and today is part of Datacon Technology AG, an international privately held group of companies that develops and produces high-precision machines for leading microelectronics companies worldwide. In 1995 the company first introduced its future-oriented platform concept, and has since built on the modular, easily customized machine platform, resulting in today�s 2200 apm and 2200 apm+ Multi-Chip Die Bonders, and the GAMMA dedicated single-chip die bonder. Utilizing expertise gained over nearly two decades, the company has also developed an all-new platform for dedicated flip chip assembly, the 8800 FC platform. Today, Datacon Technology AG employs about 400 staff, including 100 in research and development.

Datacon North America, Inc., a subsidiary of Datacon Technology AG located in Trevose, Pennsylvania, handles marketing, sales and technical support in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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