Instant Replay for Materials Testing

Feb 10, 2004

A powerful feature that records live action of materials testing events for training and detailed analysis purposes is now available on the latest version of NEXYGEN� MT instrument control software from Lloyd Instruments.

With �Video Capture�, it is possible to video record live tests, then synchronise the playback during results analysis. Unlike similar systems currently available, the synchronisation covers all tests including multi-stage, multi-speed and cycling.

Visual tracing is clear and accurate, with the simultaneous display of results graphs and video windows. A synchronised marker moves along the test trace during video playback and the video may be paused at any time for further analysis. Users can view the video image at any part of the trace by simply moving the marker with the mouse.

Unlimited video footage can be recorded (depending on PC specification) by connecting a video camera or webcam to the PC via a standard USB port or video capture card. The screen resolution and video capture specifications are fully configurable, and automatic saving of test data and optional export into familiar Microsoft� packages is possible. Data exporting via email is quick and straightforward using an image compression facility.

This powerful visual aid is ideal for education and training on a group or individual basis, as well as providing important additional sample analysis functionality for research and Quality Control.

Video Capture is a feature on NEXYGEN MT, the company�s primary software package that offers a huge test library, along with flexible control of Lloyd Instruments, CHATILLON� or DAVENPORT� test machines. Typical applications include the testing of plastics, packaging, metals, electronics, medical devices, rubber, food, automotive components, textiles and more.

Lloyd Instruments is a unit of AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments, a division of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electric motors with annual sales of more than $1 billion. Visit http://www.lloyd-instruments for more information.

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Instant Replay for Materials Testing

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