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MicroCare Presents ECOC with its Latest Addition CleanBlast™ Fluid

Oct 02, 2016

CleanBlast™ Fluid.

CleanBlast™ Fluid.

MicroCare Europe bvba, the European division of the world’s leading manufacturer of critical cleaning, coating and lubrication products, has announced that the ECOC exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany was yet another highly successful show, which saw a large number of customers interested in the latest products on display.

ECOC provided an opportunity for Sticklers® Fibre Optic Cleaning Products, part of MicroCare Corp. to meet many existing and prospective clients from across the globe, and introduce them to the new CleanBlast™ compatible HFE-based fibre cleaning fluid from Viavi® Solutions.

Now packaged by Sticklers®, CleanBlast™ has been engineered specifically for the automated, high-speed cleaning of fibre end-faces using the CleanBlast™ systems manufactured by Viavi Solutions. These systems are widely used around the world by electronics OEMs incorporating fibre optic connectors on their PCBs, plus other OEMs making fibre transceivers, patch cords and other quality fibre optic devices.

Scott Wells, MicroCare® General Manager for Europe said: “ECOC was the perfect opportunity to present the latest updates and enhancements to the Sticklers® fiber optic cleaning product family.

We focused very much on the new CleanBlast™ compatible HFE-based fibre cleaning fluid which is being used in thousands of systems in Europe, the USA, Mexico and across Asia. Interest in all of the Sticklers® Fibre Optic Cleaning Products was evident at ECOC and we have returned from the show with a healthy list of leads and we are now looking forward to following these lines of enquiries up and further increasing awareness of the Sticklers® Fibre Optic Cleaning Product brand.”

CleanBlast™ fluid will manufactured to the Viavi specification within the Sticklers® factory and is packaged in the same industry-standard 225ml brown glass bottles and will exactly fit the Viavi CleanBlast™ fibre cleaning systems.

The fluid is a nonflammable HFE blend which is the exact, drop-in replacement for the cleaning fluid provided with the Viavi Solutions CleanBlast™ systems requiring no adjustments to the machine. Part numbers and exterior packaging remains identical to the Viavi specifications.

Viavi Solutions will no longer offer the cleaning fluid and instead refer customers needing CleanBlast™ fluids to Sticklers® distributors world-wide. Learn more at:

Since 1983, MicroCare Corporation has been the leading manufacturer of cost-effective, environmentally-progressive fluids and tools used for precision cleaning, coating and lubrication. These products are supplied to a wide variety of industries such as electronics, metal finishing, transportation, photonics, medical devices and aerospace. With a goal of helping clients improve their own products, their quality and their processes MicroCare also features the industry’s leading product stewardship program, which ensures companies are using these products properly, safely and economically.



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