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Graco AFD Introduces UniXact Precision Automated Dispense Solutions

Sep 29, 2016

North Canton, OH – Graco Advanced Fluid Dispense (AFD), a world leader in fluid handling products and systems, announces the availability of Graco UniXact, a fully automated precision dispense solution that combines Graco dispense expertise with Cartesian XYZ motion. UniXact dispense solutions includes technologies proven for mass production and ability to support large scale operations. It offers a single source for motion, fluid dispense, and process monitoring that provides process security and lowers the risk of product defects due to human error. Graco’s proprietary motion software makes fully automated dispensing easier than ever.

Ideal for dispensable materials used in the production of consumer and automotive electronics, medical manufacturing, and general industrial part assembly, the Graco UniXact platform is the single source system for thermal interface management (TIM), bonding, potting, and gasketing applications. It is designed to meet industry’s need for precision and productivity as devices get smaller and smaller. 

Graco UniXact specializes in handling the toughest of materials, including high viscosity, highly abrasive materials, and capable of handling a wide range of both 1K and 2K materials. Graco UniXact also features a high level of production flexibility, with easy programming that can be done either at the machine or offline, accommodating part and process changes.

Along with Graco equipment to dispense materials accurately and consistently, Graco also offers the expertise to optimize processes for end-users. Customers can choose from a variety of configurations tailored to specific applications. Graco’s expert sales team and application engineers work with customers to understand the application, materials, and part form factor to design a system that improves throughput and takes the risk out of the production process. Graco has also invested in regional laboratories

With its global reach and local distribution support, Graco offers customers a truly integrated solution, with one vendor offering superior training and support for motion, precision fluid dispense and process monitoring. A team of application specialists are always available to answer questions regarding applications, configurations, troubleshooting, or parts and repair. 

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Sep 29, 2016 -

Graco AFD Introduces UniXact Precision Automated Dispense Solutions

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