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PDR Americas Releases PDR ThermoActive Suite Plus Rework Software

Sep 08, 2016

PDR Americas, a leader in IR rework, test and inspection, today announces its latest upgrade – the new ThermoActive Suite Plus ‘dynamic profile software,’ signaling a new era in rework process control. PDR’s recently released advanced state-of-the-art smart algorithms and high-speed processing capability ensures the most exacting rework process control in the industry.

The latest version of ThermoActive Suite Plus does not require a Teach/Learn Mode, meaning it is capable of self-adjusting thermal output to reach safe reflow temperatures automatically. As a result, users see a reduction in time and effort required for precision process/profile development. Additionally, in Auto Profile Mode, the software dynamically responds by increasing or decreasing top heat relative to the environment, ramp rate and temperature limits.

Easy to master and intuitive by design, the ThermoActive Suite Plus offers simplicity while providing powerful behind-the-scenes control to achieve maximum rework productivity. With just six PDR-supplied general profiles, PDR’s dynamic software automatically adjusts the wattage required to achieve high-yield small, medium and large board rework.

With PDR technology, Rework is as simple as 1-2-3. Imagine a system that does not require air nozzles, direct hand contact with hot air nozzles (safety), or procurement expense issues and nozzle inventories. Unlike hot air or shutter-based IR Systems, PDR IR technology projects visible light energy onto the IC, allowing the operator a visible and highly accurate means to determine where heat is being applied and to easily observe solder reflow without air nozzle line-of-sight obstruction.

When used with PDR’s highly accurate dual feedback PCB/IC non-contact pyrometer system, The software provides in-process control of time and temperature during the reflow cycle, measuring the BGA, CSP and QFN temperature ‘in process’ and intelligently ‘self-heals’ process deviations when they occur. All PDR systems include PDR’s award-winning smart software – ThermoActive Suite Plus, along with the following features:

  • Precision targeting of visible focused IR, eliminating the guesswork from what is being heated, keeping your process in check.

  • Does not induce laminar hot air flow or heat migration issues with adjacent components.

  • Eliminates costly touch-up rework.

  • Precisely measures and controls the actual IC temperature while ‘in process’ every reflow operation.

  • Senses and reacts to component temperature vs. heater core temperature.

  • Displays solder sphere temperature, time above liquidus, and overlays multiple data points.

  • Proven and repeatable Component Placement accuracy of 5 µm with the largest board surface viewing capability in the industry, incorporating parallax reduction 1" cube technology.

  • Reduces energy costs up to 30 percent compared to hot air or shutter-based IR systems.

PDR rework systems are designed for no gimmick tight process control with state-of-the-art microprocessors, delivering high-speed algorithm calculations that enable your rework program to achieve high yields and avoid both scrap and waste.

PDR Systems was founded in 1985 and is considered the founding pioneer of infrared rework technology. More than 4000 installations later, PDR is at the forefront of this widely accepted technology with innovative design and simplicity being the hallmark of the company’s industry presence. For more information about PDR Americas, contact the company at 530-676-6262 or visit

PDR Americas is a business owned by White Industrial Corporation. PDR is a pioneer in IR rework, test and inspection systems, with its products specified by many of the world’s largest names in electronics manufacturing and repair. PDR’s patented “Focused IR and Thermal Management Technology” is fully vested by leading aerospace, defense, biomedical, telecom, automotive, MRO, R&D, and electronic and manufacturing firms for its highest quality and best performing systems.

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