Omron Through beam photoelectric sensor E3Z-T61

Sep 01, 2016

Industrial automation field is getting improved day by day, many new ideas are introduced every other day, while some are making a great influence on the line of many industry.

Here we want to introduce one good products we main handle in these years, its model E3Z-T61, Made by Omron, is one kind of through beam sensor. It has been developed for the most application. Omron produce it 1 million pieces every year, our company, as a distributor of Omron factory automation components, can sell it more than 10,000 pieces each year. We sell the model to SMT equipment, Parking lift garage industry etc.

In SMT equipment industry, E3Z-T61 normally detect PCB motion for pick and place equipment, feeders etc. The sensor E3Z-T61 like a photo eye, will send one signal to control panel when it detect the object. The control panel will execute next step as programmed before if he received the signal.

The sensor E3Z-T61 main advance feature is he can detect many kinds of PCB Object, like different colors, different shape etc. other competitors brand have to choose another model to check different board, however the model E3Z-T61 can servo all these problems

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Sep 01, 2016 -

Omron Through beam photoelectric sensor E3Z-T61

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