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PDR Americas Announces Show Special on Rework Innovations and Technology at SMTAI

Aug 31, 2016

PDR Model E3Vi Gold.

PDR Model E3Vi Gold.

PDR Americas, a leader in IR rework, test and inspection, announced today that it will exhibit at SMTA International, scheduled to take place September 27-28, 2016 at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. The company will showcase its best-selling PDR Model E3Vi Gold and offer several show specials in Booth #202. Additionally, PDR will hold a drawing for a portable Coleman BBQ grill (Roadtrip LXE). Show specials include:

  • Free Remote On-line Assistance Package (All Models)

  • Free Installation and Training Package – CONUS (Evolution Series Models)

  • Free Extended 12 Month Warranty Package (All Models)

  • Free BGA Online Rework Course – Certificate (Discovery and Evolutions Series Models)

  • Free IPC 610 Course – Certificate (Evolution Model E6)

  • Free Programmable Forced Air Cooling System (Evolution Series Models)

PDR’s ThermoActive Software Suite drives the industry with advanced features and in-process control reliability. With PDR’s Process Setup Instructions (PSI) Library, operators have the tools necessary to select the correct application, stencils, chemistry, fixtures, thermocouple points, etc., through either image or typed instruction format. Focused IR visibly identifies where heat is being applied, containing heat migration and eliminating hot gas overflow issues.

The Thermoactive Software algorithms control dynamic adjustments to time and temperature with a library of just three profiles. This advanced feature considerably reduces profile creation time to create highly accurate profiles consistent with high quality rework.

PDR’s focused IR temperature management system’s unique capability provides in-process control of time and temperature during the reflow cycle, measuring the BGA, CSP and QFN temperature in process and intelligently ‘self-heals’ process deviations when they occur. By design, the system features high yield repeatability.

PDR technology is ‘solder joint friendly,’ and both the engineer and operator’s best friend/ultimate weapon when it comes to quality high-performance rework. PDR’s advanced Pyrometery Thermal detection sensors provide highly accurate feedback, offering non-contact sensing models capable of real-time temperature detection as small as 2mm for extreme rework applications.

All show specials are good for 90 days, and show registration and booth visit is required to qualify. Be sure to stop by Booth #202 during the two-day exhibition!

PDR Systems was founded in 1985 and is considered the founding pioneer of infrared rework technology. 4000 installations later, PDR is at the forefront of this widely accepted technology with innovative design and simplicity being the hallmark of the company’s industry presence. For more information about PDR Americas, contact the company at 530-676-6265 or visit

PDR Americas is a business owned by White Industrial Corporation. PDR is a pioneer in IR rework, test and inspection systems, with its products specified by many of the world’s largest names in electronics manufacturing and repair. PDR’s patented “Focused IR and Thermal Management Technology” is fully vested by leading aerospace, defense, biomedical, telecom, automotive, MRO, R&D, and electronic and manufacturing firms for its highest quality and best performing systems.

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