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Innovative Machine Technology: SEHO Ensures Higher Productivity at SMTAI

Aug 29, 2016

SelectLine-C selective soldering machine.

SelectLine-C selective soldering machine.

SEHO North America, Inc., a worldwide leading supplier of complete solutions for soldering processes and automated production lines, will highlight the SelectLine-C selective soldering machine in Booth #623 at SMTA International, scheduled to take place Sep. 27 - 28, 2016 at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. SEHO continues to release new technologies to ensure higher productivity in electronic productions with flexible and innovative machines.

Electronic productions face new manufacturing challenges more and more frequently. Besides high quality requirements at low production costs, there also are an increasing number of product variants and the need for flexible reactions to fluctuation in demand. Because of its outstanding modular design and innovative technical details, the SelectLine-C exactly meets these challenges, thus ensuring clear cost benefits.

The SelectLine-C machine concept includes fluxer modules, various preheat modules and soldering modules that may be equipped individually. Even a brush station to remove any residues after the soldering process and an AOI station for immediate inspection can be integrated into the machine. Depending on the requirements, the different modules can be configured to a complete manufacturing line and, of course, the machine can be upgraded with additional modules at any later date as well.

The soldering area of the SelectLine-C scores highly thanks to its outstanding precision and flexibility. Various electro-magnetic soldering units may be used for flexible mini-wave soldering processes, or can be equipped with multi-nozzle tools for dip soldering with short cycle times.

Two entirely unique features ensure a remarkable increase in productivity: The automatic ultrasonic nozzle cleaning function guarantees reliable processes and maximum machine availability, and the SYNCHRO software feature doubles production volume without major investments.

Of course, SEHO’s demand for 100 percent process control applies to the SelectLine-C, with fiducial recognition for automated position correction, flux quantity control, wave height control, process visualization, mcServer and many more value-added features. In doing so, the SelectLine-C provides uncompromising superior accuracy and soldering quality.For further information, please visit SEHO in Booth #623 at SMTA International or online at

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