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HTMG represents XYZTEC in South America

Aug 23, 2016

High Technology and Materials Group (HTMG) recently signed on as XYZTEC's exclusive sales and service representative for Brazil. HTMG has its headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil and offers high performance innovations in components and materials to several business areas in South America since 1999.

In association with manufactures that are references in innovation and technology all around the globe, HTMG operates at technology’s high-end frontier, having products and services accessible to companies of all scales. HTMG relentlessly presents new international market trends.

Together, XYZTEC and HTMG seek to make bond testing more accurate, more reliable, easier and more cost effective in South America. XYZTEC is 100% focused on bond testing and has established itself as technology leader in bond testing worldwide and offers a broad range of bond testing products.





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HTMG represents XYZTEC in South America

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