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JTAG Technologies’ Preview for Autotestcon 2016 Booth # 826, Anaheim September 12-15,

Aug 06, 2016

JTAG Technologies, a leader in innovative boundary‐scan (IEEE Standard 1149.1) products delivering a broad line of software and hardware tools for test preparation, test execution, test result analysis, and in‐systemprogramming applications, will demonstrate amongst other new boundary scan solutions :

Targeting Functional Testers – Virgina Panel Solution

This JTAG/boundary-scan hardware interface product is compatible with the Virginia Panel (VPC) mass interconnect system. The JT 2147/VPC is a signal conditional module that allows ‘ideal world’ connections from JTAG Technologies PXI and PXIe DataBlasters to the VPC connection system.

Based on the highly successful QuadPod™ architecture from JTAG Technologies, the JT 2147/VPC has been specifically designed for connection into G20x or G14x 192 pin ‘QuadraPaddle’ connectors and is also compatible with the VPC ‘pull thru’ system. By integrating the JT 2147/VPC, test system builders will greatly simplify their wiring task and, at the same time, retain the excellent signal integrity assured by the QuadPod’s active interface.

The JT2147/VPC features four independent JTAG Test Access Ports (TAPs) along with 16 static DIO channels and 64 dynamic DIO channels. Each TAP can be programmed to operate through a range of voltage levels to suit various logic families.


JTAG Technologies showcases the JTAG/boundary-scan hardware interface product compatible with the MAC-Panel 'Scout' mass interconnect system. The JT 2147/DAK is a signal conditioning module that allows seamless connections from JTAG Technologies PXI DataBlaster to the Scout's connection system. Based on the QuadPod architecture from JTAG Technologies the JT 2147/DAK has been designed in the MAC Panel 'Direct Access Kit' (DAK) form factor. In using the JT 2147/DAK, test system builders will greatly simplify their wiring tasks and, at the same time, retain the excellent signal integrity assured by the QuadPod's active interface.


JTAG TapCommunicator facilitates remote execution and diagnostics of boundary-scan applications, regardless of distance or environmental difficulties. The off-the-shelf system is based on a one gigabit Ethernet connection (IEEE Std 802.3z) providing virtually unlimited range between the controller and target. However, the TapSpacer technology upon which TapCommunicator is based allows any communication link to be used. For solutions using communication links other than Ethernet, contact JTAG Technologies for further information.

The standard system consists of an “uplink” or primary module (JT 2143), located in proximity to the boundary-scan controller, and one or more “downlink” or secondary (JT 2144) modules at the target.

Major benefits:


  • Supports use of the existing Ethernet communication channel to a system for remote operation of boundary-scan

  • Allows unlimited distance between target and boundary-scan controller without need for range extenders

  • Overcomes harsh environments and other situations where human access to the target would not otherwise be possible

  • Enables sharing of a single boundary-scan controller or a pool of controllers among multiple production

Peter van den Eijnden, MD, on todays’ avionic’s critical challenges:ApplicationsAll applications that require access to the boundary-scan chains without physical proximity (eg. application execution where human access is not possible) can be supported by TapSpacer technology. Safety critical avionics equipment is a prime example of systems that must be tested and retested both mechanically and electrically to help achieve a target zero percent failure rate. Since JTAG/Boundary-scan technology is now commonplace within the components built into these systems it can be used throughout the design's life cycle as part of the rigorous testing regime. In PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) production for example, JTAG is used to (electronically) test the fidelity of interconnects between the mounted electronic devices. What's more since it achieves this by driving signals from deep inside the device or chip (rather than traditional techniques that drive high-currents external to the part) the testing is more harmonious, less harmful to the circuits under test and potentially avoids device longevity issues.

We can also proof that the use of boundary-scan techniques will reduce the test equipment design burden by reducing the requirements within functional test. In service JTAG/Boundary-scan is also used extensively where programmable devices can have embedded code repaired or 'up-issued' as part of a preventative maintenance schedule”.

JTAG Technologies is a market leader and technology innovator of boundary‐scan softwareand hardware products and services. The company was the first to bring to the market suchimportant advances as automated test generation, automated fault coverage analysis,automated flash and PLD programming via boundary‐scan, and visualized boundary‐scananalysis. Its customers include world leaders in electronics design and manufacturing such asEricsson, Flextronics, Honeywell, Medtronic, Motorola, Nokia, Philips, Raytheon, Rockwell‐Collins, Samsung, and Sony. Its innovative boundary‐scan products provide test preparation,test execution, test result analysis and in‐system programming applications. With aninstalled base of over 6500 systems worldwide, JTAG Technologies serves thecommunications, medical electronics, avionics, defence, automotive, and consumerindustries with offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. JTAG Technologiesheadquarters are located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

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Aug 06, 2016 -

JTAG Technologies’ Preview for Autotestcon 2016 Booth # 826, Anaheim September 12-15,

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