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SMT, PCB Electronics Industry News

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Microtek Adds FINEPLACER® Lambda Die Bonder to New Facility

Jul 25, 2016

Die Bonder at Microtek

Die Bonder at Microtek

Over the past decade, there has been an increased demand to integrate biochemistry directly with an integrated circuit (IC) into a single microelectronics device. From human implants to flexible, wearable Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, Microtek addresses this need by offering industry leading services and high-level integration.

“Microtek provides a proven blend of expertise focused on advanced chip level packaging solutions. Our facility is filled with state-of-the-art equipment to achieve this end and we are pleased to add the Finetech Lambda bonder to our capabilities”, says Tri Le, President of Microtek.

Microtek transforms concepts into market reality by working in close collaboration with a wide variety of customers, universities and research institutes in the medical, defense, photonic and industrial sectors.  Coupled with its alliance of partners, Microtek is structured to provide a full range of design, engineering and manufacturing solutions, thus providing the technical bridge from R&D through manufacturing.

The FINEPLACER® Lambda is ideal for low-volume, prototyping and R&D environments requiring flexibility, precision, advanced technologies and the highest bonding placement accuracy (down to 0.5 µm). This versatile system can be used for precise placement, die-attach and advanced packaging utilizing various bonding technologies — soldering (Eutectic, Au/Sn, Indium), thermo-compression, thermo-/ultrasonic bonding, gold/tin laser bar bonding, adhesives and UV curing.

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Microtek Adds FINEPLACER® Lambda Die Bonder to New Facility

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