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Gold Plating Services in Santa Clara CA Installs Technic ENEPIG Process

Jun 10, 2016

Cranston RI - Technic is pleased to announce the installation of the TechniPad Electroless Palladium process AT7015 at Gold Plating Services (GPS) in Santa Clara CA. GPS is a contract plating service specializing in precious metal plating for the printed circuit board industry. With the addition of the electroless palladium to the existing TechniPad ENIG process, GPS is capable of providing a service exceeding both IPC 4552 for ENIG and IPC 4556 for ENEPIG. Both processes provide a reliable solderable and aluminium bondable surface. The electroless Pd provides a deposit for gold wire bondability as well as contact applications. The AT7015 has been engineered to provide the stability necessary for quick turn applications under all loading conditions. About Gold Plating Services (GPS) GPS provides quick turnaround plating services for ENIG, ENEPIG, deep tank soft and hard gold.  GPS is a privately owned operation and has been in business for over 20 years. GPS is located at 3475 Victor Street in Santa Clara CA.  For information on Gold Plating Services, please call 408 748 1010 or email them at About Technic Technic Inc. is a Rhode Island based, privately held corporation with over 900 employees worldwide. For more than 70 years, Technic has been a global supplier of specialty chemicals, custom finishing equipment, engineered powders, and analytical control systems to the electronic component, printed circuit board, semiconductor, industrial finishing and decorative industries. Technic is also a major supplier of engineered metal powders to the solar industry. Learn more at or contact us at (401) 781-6100.

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Jun 10, 2016 -

Gold Plating Services in Santa Clara CA Installs Technic ENEPIG Process

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