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CAMI Research, a WHCC Top Product Winner, Issues New Catalog

Jun 02, 2016

CableEye continuity tester undergoing calibration

CableEye continuity tester undergoing calibration

New Products

The following new products are included:

  • M3UH continuity tester with down-shifted resistance threshold (viz. 0.1Ω to 5MΩ ±0.1Ω) compared to that of M3U
  • Mini SAS/SFF connector board, CB26S
  • 100Vdc Screw terminal connector boards, CB29H & CB29AH
  • Micro-Match connector board, CB49
  • Tester calibration verification boards, CB50, and CB50H
  • 500Vdc Quick-change, shielded RJ45 adapter board, CB18C: Eight RJ45 connectors may be unplugged and changed by the customer with no soldering required. This board is frequently used in high-volume Ethernet cable testing.
  • 500Vdc Mini HDMI with mini display-port daughter board, CB26T
  • Training and tester operation validation board, CBT1

New Services

Healthcheck services are now available for all models and would be required prior to renewing an expired warranty, or to earn a certificate of normal operation. Healthchecks are recommended when bringing a tester back on line after being in storage, or when the tester typically operates within a challenging environment (e.g. when experiencing any or all of dust, high temperature, high duty cycle). 

In a healthcheck, all systems will be evaluated for correct operation, cleaned (circuit boards, connectors, case), inspected for bent or broken pins, subject to a calibration verification check, and checked for integrity of all interlink cables. 

Additionally, HiPot testers will undergo a check of overcurrent limiters, relay function, and front panel buttons and indicators. Please see for further details.

To request a catalog, please go to or call +1 (978) 266-2655.

CAMI Research produces expandable and upgradable diagnostic Cable & Harness Test Systems for assembly, prototyping, production, and QC of standard or custom cables. CableEye® Testers display, and document basic electrical properties such as continuity, resistance, dielectric breakdown, insulation resistance, miswires, and intermittent defects.

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CAMI Research to Host Continuity & HiPot Testing Seminar & Training Sessions at WPT Expo, Milwaukee

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CableEye® 4-Wire Calibration Verification Board, CB52

Oct 11, 2016 -

CableEye® Generic Surface Mount & TH Board, CB51

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CAMI Research, a WHCC Top Product Winner, Reports Milestone Continuity Measurement

May 04, 2016 -

CAMI Research, a WHCC Top Product Winner, Issues New Catalog

Apr 06, 2016 -

CableEye® 2100Vdc Screw Terminal Connector Board, CB29H

Mar 09, 2016 -

CableEye® Micro-Match™ Connector Board, CB49

Feb 05, 2016 -

CableEye® Tester Calibration Verification Board, CB50 - Takes the Guesswork out of Scheduling Calibration

Jan 11, 2016 -

CAMI Research Expands Distributorship Network

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