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  • Gen3 Systems helps boost Microtek Laboratory China’s testing capability on SIR and CAF Testing

Gen3 Systems helps boost Microtek Laboratory China’s testing capability on SIR and CAF Testing

Apr 26, 2016

Surface Insulation Resistance Testers (AutoSIR ).

Surface Insulation Resistance Testers (AutoSIR ).

Gen3 Systems Limited, a specialist British manufacturer and distributor, sees a significant increase in demand for its redesigned line of Surface Insulation Resistance Testers (AutoSIR) and Conductive Anodic Filament Monitoring Testing System (AutoCAF).

The key features of both the NEW AutoSIR 2 and AutoCAF 2 Measurement systems provide the following product enhancements:

  • Measurement Time: 256 Channels <8 seconds

  • Applied Voltage: +1V to 1000V

  • Measurement Range: 106 Ω to 1014 Ω

  • Measurement Method: Continuous on all selected tests

  • Measurement Test Intervals: Fully Selectable from minimum of 1 minute

  • Capable of testing to all existing test specifications IPC - IEC - JNC and other user specifications

Unlike the original instruments, the use of switch relays is eliminated so that, when the test and measurement voltages are the same, truly continuous monitoring and measurements can be made.

Measurements may be taken at test intervals that are fully selectable from a minimum of 1 minute. Each channel is current limited (1 MΩ), ensuring that Electro-Chemical Reactions (Dendrites) are preserved for subsequent failure analysis. The frequent monitoring capability provides a full picture of the electro-chemical reactions taking place on a circuit assembly, and provides early trend analysis enabling tests to be curtailed, thus saving considerable test time and money.

Both the AutoSIR 2 and AutoCAF 2 Systems are available with 64, 128 or 256 channel configurations.

Microtek Labs China is an independent test facility based in the Yangtze River Delta region of China near Shanghai. Their demand for both SIR and CAF testing from their customers has reached an ultimate high. Gen3’s AutoSIR 2 and AutoCAF 2 Systems were specifically selected by Microtek Labs China due to the capabilities and fast results they can both achieve and provide. During the course of 2015 to date Gen3 Systems have provided Microtek Labs China with 14 systems, both SIR and CAF Systems, and their demand from Gen3 for these systems is continuing to grow.

Bob Neves, Chairman, of Microtek commented, “With the increase in demand for ‘real-time’ CAF testing coming from many automotive and hi-reliability customers, Microtek Labs China needed to ramp up capability quickly. Gen3’s systems have allowed us to meet the needs of our customers with large test programs utilizing thousands of test channels in a way no one else could.”

Graham Naisbitt, Managing Director, of Gen3 commented, “The features of the new AutoSIR and AutoCAF instruments provide significant performance enhancements and improved data monitoring. The ability to measure from 256 test channels in less than eight seconds is industry-leading and has been welcomed by Microtek Laboratories China and their customers. These new instruments are the culmination of more than 3 years of product development, so it is hugely rewarding for us to enjoy such an endorsement from Microtek Labs China.”

In addition to the SIR and CAF Systems, Gen3 also manufactures the award-winning Gensonic Stencil Aperture cleaners, CM Ionic Contamination test systems as well as solderability testing systems and conformal coating process equipment – bench-top and in-line systems,.For more information about Gen3 Systems, visit

Microtek Labs China is a leading third-party testing agency, serving the electronic and polymeric material manufacturing industry world-wide. It is operated in accordance with the ISO/IEC17025: 2005 management system, accredited by CNAS and CMA and capable of issuing internationally recognized test and analysis reports. The lab is a certificated UL-EA lab* for PCB/CCL/ink products in China and is a CQC licensed lab for "Non-metal materials" including printed circuit boards (PCB), copper-clad laminates (CCL) and plastics. We are also the product service center for CPCA, an authorized training center for IPC-6012, IPC-A-610 & IPC-A-600, as well as a Validation Services Certified Test Laboratory for IPC-6012. In addition, Microtek Laboratories China has the capability of temperature and humidity calibration as recognized by CNAS.

For more information about Microtek Laboratories China, visit

Gen3 Systems is a specialist manufacturer of test and measurement equipment used to help predict reliability of electronic circuits and systems in the field. In addition, the company designs and manufactures dip and spray coating process equipment in both in-line and bench-top formats. Gen3 is a specialist distributor for several leading equipment manufacturers including, ACE, Hirox, FineTech, MBTech, MEK, Optilia and, most recently, Global Distributor for Aprotec Instrumentation, Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) systems.

Gen3 Systems also provides training, equipment and expertise for manufacturers requiring assessment of their electronic products’ reliability. The company also operates a test service and assists with standards development via both the IPC and IEC. Gen3 Systems operates from premises near Farnborough Business Park, on the M3 corridor and just 30 minutes from London’s Heathrow Airport.

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  • Gen3 Systems helps boost Microtek Laboratory China’s testing capability on SIR and CAF Testing
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