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Saelig Introduces Novel Universal USB Charging Board Providing 16 Intelligent USB ports

Mar 30, 2016

Cambrionix U16S Charge/sync device from Saelig

Cambrionix U16S Charge/sync device from Saelig

Saelig Company Inc. is pleased to introduce the Cambrionix U16S Universal USB Charging Board which allows users to charge and/or sync up to 16 USB2.0 devices simultaneously at manufacturer-approved speeds and at up to 2.1A per port.  The U16S allows the charging of multiple device types simultaneously, irrespective of manufacturer, such as tablets, ChromeBooks, mobile phones, MP3 players, e-readers, 3D Glasses, etc.  Whatever device is connected, the pre-programmed Very Intelligent Charging protocol will ensure the correct charging profile for the specific product is used, maintaining battery performance and extending battery life without risking damage to expensive technology products. The U16S is designed to operate with the complementary Cambrionix LiveView app which provides the user with complete control and monitoring. 

Equally at home in Mac or Windows environments, the U16S is perfect for use in schools, libraries, charging kiosks, hotels and restaurants, conference centers, airline lounges, equipment dealers and manufacturers, or anywhere where customer services could be further enhanced by offering universal charging facilities. It is ideal for educational establishments or manufacturers who want to keep all their USB-based products updated to the same software revision. Defense, security and wearable camera companies who wish to offer a large scale charging and data transfer product can add this to complement their product offerings.

The U16S can also be linked to an LCD display or to LEDs to provide visual indication of individual port and battery status. Security can be enabled to trigger an audible or visual alarm should devices be unplugged from the U16S. Expansion is also possible for up to 96 ports via dual on-board expansion connectors. The U16S is powered by an external 115VAC 3.5A power supply, and is CE Marked, UL Listed and EMC FCC tested.

The LiveViewer software (supplied free) demonstrates the unique benefits of Cambrionix patented technology, and displays the U16S charging status in detail.  It shows each port, if a device is attached, and how much energy it is using.  Individual ports can be configured to either Sync or Charge mode, or off. 

The U16S is also available as a charge only model, the U16C, and an 8-port version U8 is also available. The U16S can be manufactured in other variants which offer different connector options for mounting in different enclosures and in different orientations, for optimal OEM integration.  Finished-product versions housed in protective cases are also available.  The U16S is designed and manufactured in Europe by Cambrionix Ltd (Cambridge UK) - leaders in mobile charging technology and connectivity.  It is available now from Saelig Company. Inc., Fairport, NY.  For detailed specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information, please contact Saelig 1-888-7SAELIG, via email:, or visit

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