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ECD Expands Successful SmartDRY™ Intelligent Dry Storage Portfolio with Addition of SmartDRY SD-48F

Mar 22, 2016

Launched less than a year ago, ECD’s SmartDRY™ intelligent dry storage technology has dramatically changed the way manufacturers approach storage for moisture-sensitive devices (MSDs). With SmartDRY’s many unique features, electronics assembly specialists now have an affordable, sophisticated dry storage solution that is more conducive to dynamic manufacturing environments.

Initially introduced in 10 and 30 cubic foot configurations, SmartDRY has exceeded first year projections by almost double and this success has driven development of a third model, SmartDRY SD-48F. The larger, 48 cubic foot SmartDRY SD-48F is designed to accommodate many different feeders and feeder cassettes, enabling maximum dry storage capability for high MSD component volumes. SmartDRY SD-48F is compatible with feeder technology from multiple vendors and maintains the elegant design of the original SmartDRY systems.

The market acceptance of SmartDRY has been overwhelming,” says ECD President and CEO, Todd Clifton. “Clearly, there was an unmet need in the industry for intelligent, user-friendly, intuitive dry storage technology and ECD is delighted that we have been able to deliver what customers have long-required. Now, in response to the tremendous satisfaction of MIL/AERO customers with the premiere SmartDRY models, we have engineered SmartDRY SD-48F to allow for feeder storage for high-volume manufacturing operations.”

Like all SmartDRY systems, the fully J-STD-033 compliant SmartDRY SD-48F offers manufacturers distinctive advantages including frequent parts access (as often as 10 to 12 times per hour) for maximized productivity, full networking capability allowing data viewing 24/7, innovative LED lighting for visual confirmation of unit status and interior illumination, and a rugged design manufactured in the USA.

In addition to expanding the product line with SmartDRY SD-48F, we have broadened the regions in which the technology is available,” comments Clifton in conclusion. “Strategically, ECD decided to launch SmartDRY in North America and ensure proper sales channels, supply chain components and technical support in other regions before pushing the geographic boundaries. This strategy has proven hugely successful and we are excited to bring SmartDRY technology to Europe, where customers are already leveraging its powerful dry storage capability.”

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Founded in 1964, ECD is recognized worldwide for its leadership and expertise in thermal monitoring and analysis technology and, more recently, for its development of intelligent dry storage systems. Based in Milwaukie, Oregon, the company is a pioneer in the design, development, and manufacture of advanced in-transit thermal profiling systems and software used to monitor and analyze process temperatures in various industries including electronics, solar and baking, among others. Well-known for its data-rich software expertise and robust hardware functionality, ECD leads the industry for innovative measurement and safeguarding systems. For more information on ECD and its products, visit -- --

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