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Inventec introduces new enhanced co-solvent, Topklean EL20P for challenging refluxing applications during Apex 2016

Feb 29, 2016

Topklean EL20P for challenging defluxing applications

Topklean EL20P for challenging defluxing applications

For almost 2 decades, the Topklean EL 20 product range from Inventec Performance Chemicals (Inventec) has been the best in class co-solvent agent to be used mixed or separated with HFEs (hydrofluoroether) in vapour phase cleaning systems to remove solder flux residues, before application of conformal coatings, underfills or wire bonding process.

The cleaning action to remove baked-on solder flux residues after reflow, also known as defluxing, from printed circuit boards and power semiconductors has become more and more challenged because of the higher densities in today’s electronics, miniaturization, lower stand off components, and complex geometries This situation becomes even more difficult in lead free assembly where higher process temperatures are applied causing charring to flux residues.

The Topklean EL20P is the newest product in the range, it has been designed in response to the latest defluxing needs, formulated to have an outstanding capillary action by taking into consideration two main parameters: the penetration coefficient and the solvency power, it has a lower surface tension compared to other co-solvent agents in the market. The high wetting performance of Topklean EL20P allows to efficiently clean lead free fluxes after reflow which are hard to remove. Miniaturization and advanced packaging should not become a challenge for reliability anymore.

The main benefits offered by Topklean EL20P are:

  • Enhanced solvency power to dissolve and remove Lead Free flux residues
  • Faster cycle time due to its higher solvency and rinsing capabilities
  • Lower ionic contamination
  • Improved environmental performance. It is not toxic, it has a very low environmental impact and its formulation includes a high percentage of renewable raw materials.
  • Great materials compatibility including labels placed on PCBA before cleaning process.
  • Fully compatible with main vapour phase cleaning systems available in the market

Topklean EL20P is available worldwide in 20 l and 200 l drum containers.

To learn more about Topklean EL20P you can visit Inventec at IPC Apex exhibition, booth 1863.

Inventec develops, manufactures and supplies soldering, cleaning and coating materials used in electronics assembly. The company specializes in high reliability and high tech applications in industries such as automotive, telecom, energy, LED lighting, rail, aerospace, military and semiconductor assembly. 

Inventec is a division of the Dehon Group, with head offices in Vincennes, France, and has 11 subsidiaries around the world and production sites in France, Switzerland, Malaysia, China, Mexico and the United States.

For more information on Inventec Performance Chemicals products and services please go to or follow @Inventec_BUEL on Twitter.

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Inventec introduces new enhanced co-solvent, Topklean EL20P for challenging refluxing applications during Apex 2016

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