SMT Stencil Questionnaire Report

Jan 27, 2016

Being in the first stage of any PCB assembly line, SMT stencils play a major factor in the success or failure of the assembly process. When designed right, manufactured with the right material and precise machines, stencils can eliminate most of the defects process engineers face on production lines, which are increasing due to continuous miniaturization of today's electronics! The key for successful printing and hence successful assembly lies in the design of the SMT stencil, but how is that stencil being designed? Do process engineers tell stencil manufacturer what to do or they just rely on their experience to design it right? What service level does stencil manufacturer provide in terms of communicating design notes or suggestions? Do professionals involved in PCB assembly know and value the real rule Stencil plays to resolve SMT defects? This questionnaire was conducted for such questions to hopefully understand the trends and provide insights to professionals involved in designing, manufacturing and using SMT Stencil for improvements and better practices in SMT assembly industry.

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