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High Quality SMT Stencils + Free Technical Assistance

Dec 10, 2015

The following are just some of the benefits we can offer you:

  1. Aperture Design and Review and Optimization included at NO additional fee. We have been working with the Aerospace, Military, Medical and Commercial Industries for over 25 years, all this experience has allowed us to offer free technical assistance to all of our customers, we can help you get rid of problems such as tomstoning, Shorts, Bridging, Solder Balls, and many others based on IPC standards, our own modifications based on our experience and our customer’s feedback.
  2. Multi-level Stencils. Besides our Laser Cutting Systems we also have a chemical etching process that allows us to produce multi-level stencils, these stencils allow for multiple paste thickness deposits. Areas of the stencil are etched to one or more specific thicknesses to create pockets for thinner paste deposits or reliefs on the bottom side to allow for clearance of anything on the board surface.
  3. Fine grain foil. We only use Datum PHD foil, this new foil has a metal grain size of only 5um unlike SS304 that has a metal grain of 28um, Laser PHD allows much cleaner wall apertures for a better paste release.
  4. Ultra fine features. With our Newest Laser Cutting System LPKF 6080 with a laser beam of only 20um we can cut clean apertures as fine as 1.5 mils.
  5. Space Saver Frames. These are ½” thick frames that allow customers to store 3 frames using the same space of one regular 1.5” thick frame.
  6. Nano Coating. This treatment is applied on the bottom of the Stencils, it prevents the stencil from clogged apertures because of flux accumulation, reducing the need for underside cleaning and improving the solder paste release.
  7. Green anodized frames. These frames help our customers easily identify their PB free process stencils.
  8. Quick turn. Because of our high capacity we are able to quickly deliver all of our stencils.
  9. Competitive Pricing. Our large capacity and our complete in-house process allows us to offer very competitive pricing. 

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