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"DFM Now PRO - Finally A Low-Cost Manufacturing Solution that's Packed with Power!

Oct 30, 2015

DFM Now! PRO offers more comprehensive, accurate, and easy to use DFM features on this new release. Users are able to edit and save Gerber date, perform DXF import/export, pinpoint DFM errors, and use SMT stencil tools, along with many additional CAM features.
"Finally A Low-Cost Manufacturing Solution that's Packed with Power!,” states Simon Garrison of NI. “DFM Now PRO is extremely easy to use and includes the ability to edit & save Gerber, NC, HPGL, and DXF files. Powerful design verification is available to pinpoint any fabrication and netlist issues in your designs before sending them off to manufacturing - this will drastically reduce failures, scraps, and revision spins. Essentially you get all the professional features you'd expect in CAM software costing thousands of dollars - for a fraction on the price. It’s Pro Time!”
DFM Now! PRO also had a modern GUI with intelligent object drag (like a PCB layout tool), and merge and panelize features. The DXF importer has the ability to construct filled Gerber polygons and handles all text fonts such as TrueType and SHX, and now also supports AutoCAD DWG files. The user also now can load multiple ODB++ files simultaneously, which is perfect for comparison between designs, or merge them together onto a single panel.
Garrison mentions that “there are over 30,000 DFM Now! users worldwide from the United States, Germany, England, Italy, South Africa, Australia, India, Japan, China, and more.  Many major Fortune 1000 companies rely on our technology as well.”
DFM Now! PRO is offered for Windows and Linux operating systems, and starting at only $495 it meets every budget from students, to entrepreneurs, to fortune 500 corporations.
Visit the Numerical Innovations website for further information and a list of all the features in DFM Now! PRO at or

About Numerical Innovations
Numerical Innovations (A division of Caneberra Technologies, Inc.) was founded based on the industry need for easy to use, aesthetically pleasing software tools that are clever and accurately facilitate electronic designs for manufacturing.  Utilizing an advanced, proprietary C++ development platform called Universal Tool Platform (UTP) created in-house, along with their experience developing a wide variety of commercial and custom EDA tools; Numerical Innovations has been able to successfully enter the market with tools providing a common user interface (UI) model and Interoperability, which will continue to satisfy customer demand and gain the reputation of producing easy to use, high quality tools. They are proud to boast a customer base of over 1000 unique companies. To learn more about their products, visit

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