ACE 3D All-in-one 3D Translator Released

Oct 30, 2015

“With the industry’s most advanced 3D translation engine, ACE 3D is an All-in-one 3D Translator that is very easy to learn. No 3D Experience is Necessary. You can convert 2D to 3D in a Flash! ACE 3D imports the widest variety of EDA and CAD formats directly into your 3D modeling environment. Geometries and layers are intelligently organized as individual assemblies for easy editing. Imagine the possibilities,” mentions Simon Garrison of Numerical Innovations.
ACE 3D allows Mechanical Engineers the flexibility to construct entire designs and layout assemblies while still remaining in their preferred 3D environment. There is no back-and-forth with various 2D tools. When you're ready for fabrication, let ACE-3D generate those required manufacturing formats like: Gerber, GDSII, ODB++, NC, and more.
ACE-3D enables non-CAD experts the ability to quickly convert and create 3D geometries without weeks of training. Simply select your design files and with 4-clicks of the mouse you have generated a 3D file. The 3D files output from ACE 3D are tested and fully compatible with: SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Inventor, PTC Creo, Rhino 3D, SketchUp 3D, and many others.
ACE-3D also includes a full-featured and powerful editor. Use ACE-3D to Clip Regions, generate Anti-Areas (i.e. Negative Polarity), perform Boolean operations, Fill complex polygons, and optimize your data before final export.
Visit the Numerical Innovations website for further information about ACE 3D at

About Numerical Innovations
Numerical Innovations (A division of Caneberra Technologies, Inc.) was founded based on the industry need for easy to use, aesthetically pleasing software tools that are clever and accurately facilitate electronic designs for manufacturing.  Utilizing an advanced, proprietary C++ development platform called Universal Tool Platform (UTP) created in-house, along with their experience developing a wide variety of commercial and custom EDA tools; Numerical Innovations has been able to successfully enter the market with tools providing a common user interface (UI) model and Interoperability, which will continue to satisfy customer demand and gain the reputation of producing easy to use, high quality tools. They are proud to boast a customer base of over 1000 unique companies. To learn more about their products, visit

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