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ROBOTIC SOLDERING at Special Pricing now available

Oct 17, 2015

Model 9434

Model 9434

What is a robotic soldering solution?

A Soldering Robot is a fully automated system that performs a designated task set by a custom program with the utmost precision and repeatability. Each joint may have its own soldering profile. Base robots use our 150 watt power supply with a superior thermal feedback system. Nitrogen and vision alignment may also be added for the most challenging solder applications.

What are the advantages?

  1. Return on Investment - PROMATION offers the best value in Robotic Soldering and many customers often see a ONE YEAR Return on Investment!
  2. Less Rework - Because our Robots perform the exact same task, the exact same way, every time, rework is minimized.
  3. Highly Efficient - Robotic work stations require a minimal amount of operator involvement. In most production settings, one operator can be responsible for loading and unloading two robots. One soldering expert can program multiple machines that eliminates the cost of advanced training to meet volume demands. If you product is symmetrical in design, our Dual-Tip Soldering Robot is capable of soldering two joints at the same time, doubling production output..
  4. Versatility - Virtually no job is too large, or too small. Our systems are capable of HMP and Lead-free soldering. Options include but are not limited to: Nitrogen Sleeves, Vision Guidance, and Safety Enclosures. There is also a wide range of hot iron tip sizes and shapes. Custom fixtures for any application are available!


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ROBOTIC SOLDERING at Special Pricing now available

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