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Plexus Gives ALMAX EIS Highest Supplier Ratings

Oct 06, 2015

Plexus rated ALMAX EIS as a top scoring supplier for all three of their partner ranking criteria: quality, delivery and paperwork.  Last quarter ALMAX EIS focused on lead-time compression including bringing additional off-shore quick-turn capacity online.  That, combined with a continued focus on contract administration and customer service, enabled them to achieve Plexus’ highest ranking across all categories.

“ALMAX EIS has been a long time supplier to Plexus, and they have always acknowledged the quality of our membrane switches, capacitive switches and electronic interface assemblies,” stated Bob Deppiesse, CEO of ALMAX EIS.  “By expanding our off-shore quick-turn capacity and improving our RFQ responsiveness we have become even more agile with supporting Plexus’ performance criteria.”


ALMAX EIS is a vertically integrated global leader in electric interface assemblies supplying high quality interfaces and interface components to OEM and EMS customers, nameplate companies and resellers.  ALMAX EIS manufacturing capability includes rigid and flex printed circuit boards, proprietary membrane switch and backlighting technologies, capacitive technologies, sealed switch manufacturing and a variety of graphic overlays.  Additional information about ALMAX EIS can be found at

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Oct 06, 2015 -

Plexus Gives ALMAX EIS Highest Supplier Ratings

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