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GETECH Delivers GSR 1290 Large Panel Depaneling Machine to Tier 1 CEM

Sep 10, 2015

GETECH, the worldwide leader in PCB automation and depaneling, is pleased to deliver the GSR1290, a large format depanelling machine, to a Tier 1 CEM for one of its facilities in Asia. The machine is capable of handling extremely large PCBs with very heavy construction (up to 8 mm thick).

The machine offers a very high accuracy capability necessary when cutting high-value PCBs,” commented Leon Tjipto, CEO at GETECH. “Such machines are not common in the industry but we have been building for this market for a number of years and continue to be impressed by the sheer scale of the PCBs being manufactured within these facilities and are pleased to be a part of the solution.”

Built on the robust GETECH GSR-platform, the GSR1290 claims the largest processing window available on the market today; capable of handling panels up to 910 x 610 mm (36" x 24"). Configured as a single table, standalone router, the GSR1290 has the flexibility to depanel thin and heavy tabbed assemblies using a 500W high-speed spindle.

Maximum performance is achieved through the use of advanced precision manipulators on all axis. The GSR1290 has three highly rigid, compact linear axes driven by maintenance-free AC servo motors. The heavy duty, preloaded linear guides have a mechanical repeatability of ±0.01 mm. Maintaining this level of repeatability ensures the user a highly reliable, repeatable and accurate post-assembly routing process, resulting in accurately singulated boards. With cut speeds up to 100 mm/sec and positional speeds up to 1000 mm/sec, the GSR1290 is the largest, fastest and most accurate depaneling machine available today.

The GETECH software interface is a user-friendly, Windows-based program that features easy-to-use pull down menus and automatic backup of program files. Additionally, the operating software includes useful tools such as monitoring and tracking tool use and filter bags.

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Getech Automation was established in 1992 to focus on developing and manufacturing machines and systems to meet key needs of the PCBA and semiconductor industries. Today, Getech has evolved to become a major producer of machinery and automation systems used by PCBA and semiconductor companies. Every machine and system delivers the highest degree of productivity while ensuring product quality and integrity. However, Getech’s expertise extends beyond the world of electronics to include systems delivered to governmental agencies and corporate clients involved with pharmaceutical delivery and munitions manufacture. Getech is certified as a Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008 company and has experience building machines to meet both CE and SEMI standards. Getech can be contacted at +1 970 412 6759 [USA/Europe] or +65 6756 9722/3 [Asia].

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