Who Invented the Printed Circuit Board

Sep 06, 2015

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are used in almost all electronics today. They're found in devices ranging from remote control to ultra-sophisticated radar and computer systems. Printed circuit board played an important role in modern development. 

Paul Eisler, was the genius who invented the PCB in 1936. He was born in Vienna in the year 1907. Seeing his inventions and its contribution to the electronic industry, one undoubtedly assumes he must have seen a lot of fame and fortune. That unfortunately was not the case as Paul Eisler lived a very hard life.

Paul Eisler is widely credited as the inventor of the circuit board in printed form and this was the invention which made him a great name of the field of electronics sciences. He was in hampstead those days, when he started his formal work for this invention. Later on, he was hired to work on this thing and as a result succeeded in inventing the first printed circuit board.

Thanks to Eisler's determination in his difficult path to invention, these and other advancements will keep the design and manufacture of printed circuit boards a constantly-evolving industry well into the future.

The PCS is still in the conceptual and developmental stages right now. Hence, PCB is the present technology, which is the face of electronics today and we owe it to the ingeniousness of Paul Eisler.

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