Different Circuit Board Types

Aug 31, 2015

Shenzhen KeYou PCB Co., Ltd

Shenzhen KeYou PCB Co., Ltd

Circuit boards have different shapes, types, and sizes. Their uses are almost as vast as their different complexities. Circuit boards exist in almost any household electronic object, from TV remotes to computers and from blenders to remote-controlled cars. Many hobbyists use circuit boards to construct home electronics projects. There are several choices when it comes to circuit boards, ranging from those that are for beginner hobbyists to those that are for more advanced hobbyists.
Breadboard is a form of temporary board that does not require soldering. It has slots for holding electronic parts without a permanent attachment. Components can be placed on the board and wired together. An added advantage of this type is that, as long as the components are not damaged during the testing process, they can be reused.
Stripboard is another alternative for circuit board projects. This perforated board has copper traces on one side that allow components to be permanently soldered into place. The traces can be cut to customize the board and wire can also be run to attach components. Printed circuit boards have copper traces already embedded in the board, and component placement is pre-printed on the board.
Printed circuit board (PCBs) are the most common types of circuit boards, especially for home electronics construction. Rather than leaving the placement of components up to the builder, each PCB is designed specific to a schematic diagram, making construction and soldering components easier and more obvious regarding the placement of parts. The only downside to home circuit projects that do not come pre-designed or in kits is that designing printed circuit boards at home can be a tricky process because it requires several steps, such as cutting, drilling, and using insulating materials.

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