shocking news!robots are taking over China

Aug 26, 2015

Automation is sweeping through China. Initially, China has undertaken a large number of manufacturing tasks all over the world, and now it is, in turn, outsourcing that work to robots.
What's driving the  transformation? Even though the cost of labor in Asia remains relatively low, it has been rising recently. The Journal of Commerce reported that economists expect labour's average wages will increase by 10% this year. In order to reduce costs, employers begin to use cheaper robots instead of human.
The automotive and electronics industries are leading the change in workforce automation. For example, the iPhone's Taiwan manufacturing giant foxconn, is expected in the next three years, 70% of the assembly line work will be replaced by robots.
This impetus is mainly come from Asia, especially China and North America. The auto industry will continue to be the innovation source of new technology. The growing global demand for electronic products(especially printed circuit board), new products, and new production technologies are rapidly growing, people tend to invest to improve the existing production process and improve the ability of electrical/electronic industrial production particularly in Asia.
Industry observers are expecting robots can keep high speed development in Asian markets such as China, Korea, and other Southeast Asian countries. As the IFR predicts, "the robot market still has great potential".

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