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Vi TECHNOLOGY to Exhibit the Latest Generation of SPI and Sigma Review Software at SMTAI

Aug 26, 2015

Sigma Review Software at SMTAI.

Sigma Review Software at SMTAI.

Vi TECHNOLOGY, a leading provider of inspection solutions for PCB assembly, will exhibit in Booth #808 at SMTA International, scheduled to take place Sep. 29 - 30, 2015 at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. Company representatives will demonstrate its complete SMT inspection solutions, including the PI series (SPI), K series (AOI) and Sigma Link software suite.

PI, Vi TECHNOLOGY's award-winning SPI generation system, has been recognized by the industry as the most innovative SPI product since the introduction of Moiré systems. PI's 360° Moiré technology offers a unique textural review image and outstanding performance through unambiguous Z referencing and compensation.

PI is the only inspection system to program automatically. Inspection quality is therefore independent of programmers' training.

Vi TECHNOLOGY’s 2K SPECTRO, with its effective footprint for PCB sizes not exceeding 14"x14", is the smallest system of the Vi TECHNOLOGY K-Series. The series provides a wide range of AOI equipment, suitable for inspecting a wide range of applications, from post-print through to post-wave, from small boards to very large and heavy boards, including dual-lane applications. The 2K, with its reduced foot print and best-in-class cycle time is suited for the high volume manufacturing for consumer products.

The Sigma Link software platform is a solution that centralizes all the data needed for programming or generated by the inspection machines in the line. Operators can create new programs, reviews and analyze inspection data of multiple machines from the same station. Web-based, Sigma Link provides the ability to access data from anywhere and at any time. Designed to manage several user profiles, Sigma Link is the perfect tool for anyone involved in manufacturing, from operators, programmers to process engineers or quality manager.

Vi TECHNOLOGY is a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of innovative inspection equipment and software solutions for PCB assembly. Vi TECHNOLOGY serves very demanding market segments including telecoms, consumer, computer, automotive, infrastructure, industrial and medical.For more information, visit

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