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Aug 24, 2015

Shenzhen KEYOU PCB Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen KEYOU PCB Co.,Ltd

Established in 2003, Shenzhen Keyou PCB Co.,Ltd is a professional high-tech factory that is engaged in PCBs manufacturing, including high-precision and high-quality single-/double-sided and multilayer (one to 26 layers), aluminum-, copper-based, high-frequency impedance, HDI and rigid-flex boards. We also produce special material boards including Rogers, Teflon, Nelco, Getek, BT and Arlon.

Our company features:
Production cycle:
for sample:
single/double side PCB board:72 hours (24 hours for urgent)
4 layers PCB board prototyping:120 hours (72 hours for urgent)
6 layers PCB board prototyping:168 hours
6 layers PCB board prototyping:200 hours
for bulk:
single/double side PCB board:6-7 days(5-6 days for repeat order)
multilayer PCB board mass prodution:8-16 days(7-15 days for repeat order)

Technical parameter:
Material:Aluminum,Copper,FR-4,CAM-1,Rogers,Teflon, Nelco, Getek, BT,Arlon.
Board thickness:0.2mm-3.0mm
Surface finish:lead free HASL,immersion gold,plating gold,OSP
Maximum processing area:530 mm * 622 mm(single/double sided)
Minimum line width/spacing:3mil/3mil
Minimum welding plate and aperture:5mil/0.2mm
Hole position error tolerance:2mil-3mil
Maximum test area:65 cm * 60 cm
Highest test voltage:250 v (normal)
Largest insulation resistance:100
Copper thickness:0.5-4oz
Soldmask color:green,red,blue,white etc

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