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Teach You to Find High Quality Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

Aug 17, 2015

Shenzhen KeYou PCB Co., Ltd

Shenzhen KeYou PCB Co., Ltd

Many purchasing agents are wondering how to find the high quality PCB printed circuit board manufacturers? Keyou pcb manufacturer teach you some secrets and hope can help you find high quality PCB manufacturer.
1. Observing the product
Many PCB factory can provide some free samples, we can get the samples from them and then judge the competitiveness strength and professional level of the factory through their sample product.
2. Judging the credit
The performance of the credit has many aspects, in addition to the business license and some certificate(ISO,SGS,UL), there is another factor that is also reflected in the credibility--promise made by seller to customer. For example, the factory promise to the customer within 7 days of shipment, however, it takes more than half a month to complete. In this case, the customer should review the credibility of the manufacturer. 
3. Enjoying the service
The service we said including pre-sale and after-sale service, good pre-sale service can't guarantee the whole service. A lot of manufacturer's attitude towards customers are extremely friendly before you become the real customer, after payment they change the attitude, this phenomenon is very common. "Customer first, service first" is keyou pcb manufacturer's slogan, we always do the best to make our customer satisfied.
4. Listening to the voice
Customer's realistic feedback can tell you more about the factory's competitiveness strength, service and other aspects. Before confirm a PCB manufacturer for placing order, we should google it on the internet to see wether it has company's official website or not etc, you will get the answer very quickly, those manufacturers which are not reliable are also revealed by netizen.
5. Analysing the case 
How do you know the case of PCB factory, with whom do they cooperate? We can view their website, most enterprise website will list some cases to underscore it is a strong power company or manufacturer. 

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