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What Factors Can Influence Product Quality for PCB Manufacturer?

Aug 12, 2015

Shenzhen KEYOU PCB Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen KEYOU PCB Co.,Ltd

Printed circuit board quality problems generally including short circuit,open circuit,soldmask fall off,plate bend and circuit aging etc.These common PCB quality problem due to low-quality production engineering,under-developed production facility, inferior raw materials and ill management those main factors.
1. low-quality production engineering
PCB industry is a high technology industry involving electroplating, chemical industry, machinery and a series of cross subject.There is no denying that circuit board industry is also a polluting industries,many small printed circuit board factory only care about the price,they do not care about the production engineering and products quality as long as they can cut the costs.However,only under strict production engineering instruction can we ensure the circuit boards quality in a steady state.
2. under-developed production facility
Advanced equipment can ensure quality, increasing cost on equipment in order to achieve high efficient level is the basic way of improving the quality of circuit board.With the development of science and technology,circuit equipment upgrading more and more fast,of course the price is also  more and more expensive.This leads to many small circuit board manufacturer are not capable of investing more expensive equipment, so they depend more on human labours. Once turnover is appeared factory will greatly increase the difficulty on management and printed circuit board quality will fluctuate.
3. Inferior raw materials
The quality of raw materials is the foundation of circuit board quality,now many factory use the mixed material,half good half inferior.At the same time,because the price is low  many customer also accept it.this leads to PCB manufacturer  continue to take tthe adventure.In the long term,it will cause huge losses(bad for the company's reputation and brand)because of quality issue,that is why formal company won't do this.
4. ill management
Complex working process and long cycle length are the features of PCB making,how to realize scientific management and reduce the management cost is the problem.With the progress of science and technology, especially the development of the network, it is possible for PCB factory to manage the whole producing process by means of network information technology. Circuit board quality often fluctuates and often appears different kind of problems due to bad management,so we must form the core competitiveness in this aspect.

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