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Do You Prefer Which Color As PCB Boards Soldmask?

Aug 12, 2015

Shenzhen KEYOU PCB Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen KEYOU PCB Co.,Ltd

What is a solder mask? Solder masks is a very important part of protecting a PCB. Solder mask, or solder resister is a thin covering that protects the PCB from oxidation.Although green is used as industry standard color for solder mask from many manufacturers (Intel is one of them), almost any color could be used, depends on the client's specifications.PCB manufacturer next show you its own feature for different soldmask color.
standard green with white silkscreen is the most common used.The contrast between traces, planes and vacant space is high so you can inspect your boards easily with the naked eye to check for manufacturing defects.The white silkscreen contrasts well with the soldermask nd flux residue cleans up well leaving a professional looking board.
The contrast between traces, planes and empty space is good, but noticeably lower than on a green board. Inspection of fine traces on the board for defects is best done with some form of magnification. Silkscreen stands out well against the red background and flux residues clean up well, just as well as on a green board.
The contrast between traces, planes and empty space is quite low now and magnification is mandatory to inspect for manufacturing defects. On the plus side contrast between silkscreen and soldermask is very high so if your board is label-heavy then blue might be for you.
The contrast between traces, planes and empty space is virtually non-existent. Inspection of the board not only requires powerful magnification but you also have to angle a light just so it casts a shadow where the traces raise slightly above the board. A total nightmare to inspect.
If you think that the black soldermask makes your routing hard to inspect then you haven’t seen white. Contrast is the lowest of all the soldermask colours and even tilting to the light fails to properly show the traces. 
The contrast between planes, traces and spaces is very high. In fact it’s just as high as green so if you’ve got some beautiful routing to show off (and your PCB should be a work of art) then murky yellow may be the right choice for you.
Do you want to try different color? we have Black,Matt Black,Matt,Green,Yellow,White,Blue,Red,Purple,plus standard Green.Let us wait your next project with different color.

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