High Density Interconnect(HDI)--PCB

Aug 03, 2015

There are 6 different types of HDI boards, through vias from surface to surface, with buried vias and through vias, two or more HDI layer with through vias, passive substrate with no electrical connection, coreless construction using layer pairs and alternate constructions of coreless constructions using layer pairs.

How much you know about HDI?Next Shenzhen KEYOU PCB Co.,Ltd manufacturer give a brief introduction of HDI boards. HDI boards, as one of the fastest growing technologies in PCBs field, are now available at Epec. HDI Boards contain blind and/or buried vias and often contain microvias of .006 or less in diameter. They have a higher circuitry density than traditional PCB boards.

Successful making HDI boards requires advanced equipment and special processes such as laser drills, plugging, sequential lamination cycles and laser direct imaging. HDI PCBs have tighter spacing, thinner lines and tighter annular ring, and use thinner specialty materials. In order to successfully manufacturing HDI board, it requires a significant investment and additional time in equipment and  producing processes.

Using HDI technology during design, it is possible to reduce an 8 layer through-hole PCB to a 4 layer HDI microvia technology packed PCB. The wiring capabilities of a well-designed HDI 4 layer PCB can achieve the same or better functions as that of a standard 8 layer PCB.
Many people say that the microvia process will increase the cost of the HDI boards, however,the proper design and layer count reduction can reduce the cost in material square inches and layer count more significantly.

The via-in-pad process supports more technology on fewer layers, proving that bigger is not always better. HDI Technology is the leading reason for these transformations. Products do more, weigh less and are physically smaller. Specialty equipment, mini-components and thinner materials have allowed for electronics to shrink in size while expanding technology, quality and speed.

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