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Teach You How to Rescue the Smartphone After Water Damaged

Aug 03, 2015

Maybe you work outdoors; you're always at the pool; or you just want to google while you shower in the morning. Whatever the reason, you may drop your smartphone into the toilet, sink or pool and get them water damaged uncarefully. Don't worry about that,here are the steps for how you can fix a phone that's been dropped in water:

1. Turn it off and keep it in an upright position.
2. Take out the microSD and SIM cards from their slots.
3. Open up the back of the phone and remove the battery from it.
4. Use paper towel or a cloth to dab it dry to avoid spreading the liquid around.
5. Take a vacuum to carefully suck out water stuck within the cracks that are harder to get at.
6. Bury it in a ziplock bag full of uncooked rice,for rice does well in absorbing water.
7. After one or two days, you can insert the battery and turn on. 
8. If your phone can't turn on, try charging the phone to see if it will work. 

Before we take these measures to save the water damaged smartphone,there are certain things we should avoid:

1. Do not turn it on.
2. Do not press on any buttons or keys.
3. Do not shake, tap or bang the phone.
4. Do not make the phone apart, this could void your warranty.
5. Do not try to blow on it. This could send water into other internal parts of the phone which haven't been reached yet, causing more damage in the printed circuit board of smartphone motherboard.

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