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Positive Effects of Electronic Medical Records

Aug 03, 2015

Medical electronics will continue to play a significant role as a vital link in the future of health care. With the increased market demands for worldwide health care solutions, trends in medical electronics continue for portable, low-power, specialized devices and for new innovative bio-sensors. Successful next-generation medical devices will emerge that are based on reliable, high-value electronics and lower risk for ease of regulatory approval.
Electronic medical records as one of the medical electronics products has its obvious advantages. China pcb manufacturer explain that to you.

One of the most crucial advantages of electronic medical records is the availability and use of real-time records. Items such as test results, doctor’s notes or diagnostic images are input, they are instantly available to everyone within the medical team. Unlike paper charts, electronic medical records can be viewed simultaneously by multiple physicians in differing specialties or different departments within a medical facility.

Keeping medical records in an electronic form can also save a great deal of space. Instead of storing huge paper files on patients, all records are digital and stored on hard drives and/or in external data centers. This represents a small percentage of the space required to store physical records. In addition, although they do not make an office completely paper-free, electronic records do reduce the amount of paper needed by medical offices, hospitals, and insurance companies.

Efficient regulation of medications can improve a patient’s quality of care and helps prevent dangerous and avoidable oversights. When a prescription is written, the advantage an electronic medical record system provides is the automatic initiation of drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy interaction checks. These checks reduce the risk of improper prescriptions and related issues that can compromise quality of care.

Electronic records may save time as well. While records in the past could be faxed or emailed, in many cases, there was generally a wait time. When a medical professional has instant access to all of a patient’s information, including things like X-rays, lab tests, and information about prescriptions or allergies, he or she is empowered to act right away. This may be particularly helpful in emergency situations where a patient cannot answer questions about his or her medical history due to extreme illness or injury.

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