Have You Ever Heard of Smart Ring?

Aug 03, 2015

While wearables like fitness trackers and smartwatches edge their way toward the mainstream, smart rings might be next in line. These bits of connected jewelry allow consumers to control gadgets with gestures, and even check smartphone notifications from the same tiny plot of hand real estate that might house a wedding ring.

The Smarty Ring is an actual ring you wear on your finger, which features an LED screen that tells you the time and Bluetooth 4.0 technology that pairs with your iOS or Android phone and actually accepts calls.we are a leading pcb manufacturer specializing in producing precision pcb for high-tech electronic products.

This is no bulky, obtrusive accessory. The Smarty Ring is sleek enough to grace even the most elegant finger. Made from allergy-free, surgical quality stainless steel, the screen alerts light up a cool green or blue, and the buttons of the remote control are so unobtrusive as to be almost invisible.

By wearing a smart ring, you can untether from your phone, or at least separate yourself from the lure of the screen. The phone can stay in your purse while you mingle at a party. The ring can be programmed to let you know when the babysitter texts or an important work email needs to be answered. Otherwise, everything else can wait while you enjoy some rare face time with friends.

Like smart watches and smart bracelets, smart rings are riding the cultural obsession with wearable technology. Some smart rings are designed to deliver custom notifications from your smartphone. Other smart rings aspire to become remote controls for every smart device in your life: TVs, cameras and thermostats.Are smart rings really the next big thing, or just the latest case of overhyped, underwhelming "vaporware?"It is worth looking forward to.

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