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Looking for SPI & AOI Systems for Our Chicago Production Area

Jul 20, 2015

MTC, Coventry Test Board used for printing, jetting and solder joint inspection

MTC, Coventry Test Board used for printing, jetting and solder joint inspection

SMTA/NPL Printing & Assembly Automatic Optical Inspection Experience is a special feature we are organising in Chicago this year and we are looking for Solder Paste Inspections SPI and Automatic Optical Inspection systems to test our specially produced boards. If you would like to show your technology contact

Solder Paste Printing at SMTA International

We will be printing different solder pastes provided by Kester with DEK Horizon printer with two different stencils provided by FTC Assembly to look at the paste release from a range of different aperture sizes. We then intend to inspect the boards after printing for satisfactory coverage on a test board we regularly use from MTC in the UK. We will be measuring the solder paste deposit using Solder Paste Inspections SPI to see the volume deposited and compare performance optically with inspection equipment from Tagarno.

In addition we will be jetting solder paste on our test boards using a Scorpion system from Essemtec

The results of the inspection and measurements will be recorded for discussion with visitors to SMTA International 29-30th September and published after the show

Solder Joint Inspection

We will be inspecting solder joints on one test board design during the show with multiple known defects. There will be a quantity of test boards with the same defects to pass through one or more AOI systems. The defect types included as representative of the most common issues seen in manufacture. Golden boards will be used as a reference for machine setup and reference for visitors to compare with the defect boards.

To learn more on our testing and the type of defects normally experienced in printing and after reflow why not attend our FREE webinar will cover Solder Paste Inspection, Quality Control, Common Print and Reflow Problems - Causes & Cures. The webinar will be held on Tuesday 15th September

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