Some Tips For PCB Storage Protection

Jul 07, 2015

We all know PCB boards must be packed by vacuum and bubble package after final quality inspection,do you know the reason for that?and what we should focus on about storage requirement and expiration date for PCB?Here are some tips from KEYOU PCB manufacturer.

To protect PCB from being oxidized on the surface of the copper,PCB boards must be packed carefully and properly with strict package,because being oxidized will impacts the solderability performance seriously.

PCB products is different with other electronic components and it should not be exposed in air and it can't contact humidity.For that,many PCB manufacturer uses vacuum and bubble bags making the packing.In each carton, the PCBs should be wrapped by bubble film tightly in order to isolate humidity. Moreover, each carton must be equipped with desiccants to keep humidity at low level.And the sealed boxes should be storage under a dry, well ventilated place and without direct sunlight,the temperature ranges at 23±3℃, RH 55±10%.Only in this way,immersion tin and SOP PCB can be kept for three months,Immersion gold, plating silver, HASL and Plating gold finishing PCB can be preserved for six months.

The conformal coating,which is the humidity, dust and oxidation barrier,for the PCBs which are not being used for long time,It is better to apply a conformal coating on the PCB surface. By applying a conformal coating,the Expiration Date for PCB products can last for nine months.

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