How To Design High Quality PCB

Jun 29, 2015

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PCB design may be complex, but it is quite possible to design good boards with a little technique and practice. Using guidelines and adding research when needed,to create high-quality PCBs that exceed expectations.

The ideal PCB design starts with the discovery that a PCB is needed and continues through the final production boards. After determining why the PCB is needed, the product’s final concept should be decided. The concept includes the design’s features, the functions the PCB must have and perform, interconnection with other circuits, placement, and the approximate final dimensions.

Simultaneously with the schematic’s creation, the bill of materials (BOM) should be generated. The components in the circuit should be selected by analyzing the maximum operating voltages and current levels of each node of the circuit while considering tolerance criteria. With electrically satisfactory components chosen, each component should be reconsidered based on availability, budget, and size.

The PCB’s documents should include the hardware dimensional drawings, schematic, BOM, layout file, component placement file, assembly drawings and instructions, and Gerber file set.A complete set of Gerber files includes output files generated from the board layout file:
Silkscreen top and bottom
Solder mask top and bottom
All metal layers
Paste mask top and bottom
Component map (X-Y coordinates)
Assembly drawing top and bottom
Drill file
Drill legend
FAB outline (dimensions, special features)
Netlist file

Placement and package sizes are often reconsidered and changes are made at this point based on size and cost. Components absorbing greater than 10 mW or conducting more than 10 mA should be considered powerful enough for additional thermal and electrical considerations. Sensitive signals should be shielded from noise sources with planes and be kept impedance-controlled.  

Manufacturer capabilities should be understood when the PCB design commences. PCB fabs are routinely contacted about capabilities and cost reduction techniques when designing PCBs for manufacturability.Shenzhen Keyou PCB Co.,Ltd is a professional high-tech pcb manufacturer that is engaged in PCB manufacturing including industry control PCB,medical equipment PCB,power supply PCB,amplifier PCB,automotive PCB,security surveillance. 

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